Royal Botanical products are supplements and topicals that contain complete spectrum, non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) oil from our proprietary hemp plant strain and seed. Hemp oil products offer numerous botanical benefits. We develop and process a variety of supplements and topicals for health and wellness.

Full Spectrum

Our plant-based products use a full spectrum of extracts including CBD, THC, THC-V, CBG and CBC

Grown in Colorado

Organically grown hemp is the focus of our farms in Colorado. We use our own GSA soil supplement and no herbicides, pesticides or other toxins.

Processed & Packaged in the U.S.

No chemical solvents are used during our hemp processing to extract the cannabidiol oil. Each batch is independently lab tested to guarantee its purity.

All Natural, Non-GMO

Our proprietary hemp strain is carefully bred and non-GMO.


Our soft gels are a natural anti-oxidant and neuroprotectant.

Gold Gels have a 0.24% THC concentration and complies with U.S. Federal Law as a non-psychoactive supplement.

Silver Gels use a full spectrum hemp extract that has a high potency of CBD and other cannabinoids, but no THC.


We offer a wide range of topical products, which includes our full spectrum hemp extract that has a high potency of CBD and other cannabinoids. Indulge yourself with our cleansing body soap to wash away pollutants and moisturize your skin.

  • Pamper your skin with our CBD infused lip balm, facial cream, hand cream, body butter and eyelash enhancer
  • Protect your lips with our Geranium Rose, Lavender or Peppermint lip balm.
  • Melt tension away with Royal Botanical massage oil and headache/tension relief roll ons

Royal Botanical health, beauty and wellness formulas can be customized to meet your customer’s needs. Contact us at