A Full-Spectrum Plant-Based Formulation Company


Nerovana Corporation is a vertically-integrated life science company focused on formulation, manufacturing, distributing and wholesaling full spectrum plant-based products worldwide.

For over 50 years, Nerovana has followed it’s core principle that high-quality plant-based therapies are the optimal solution for optimal health and living.  Our products, marketed under various brands, use natural ingredients, carefully researched formulations and in select products, pure full spectrum extracts from various botanical plants.


We develop products and processes to deliver competitively priced health and wellness products. Only the finest ingredients are sourced and we manage processing and packaging from end to end.

To produce the purest plant based supplements and products possible, we process our own proprietary strains. Our plant extraction methods, testing and formulas make our  supplements and topicals safe to consume while delivering the maximum nutritional and health benefit from the natural plants and those phytocompounds they contain.

We foster a grower ecosystem by making our environmentally friendly agricultural products available to other agricultural operators and consumers.