The 2018 Farm Bill, signed into law in December 2018, legalizes the farming and processing of hemp, and the distribution of yet to be disclosed products with CBD as an ingredient in all states. Hemp is no longer a controlled substance The removal of hemp from the Federal list of controlled substances also means that businesses in the hemp industry now have access to banking and financial services, credit cards and payment processors. Restrictions on capital investments have been lifted and products can be traded across state boarders. Insurance is available for growers and hemp can be traded on the futures market. Furthermore, research into hemp and its benefits is more widely allowed. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound However, the FDA retains the authority to regulate products containing CBD and stated they will treat them as they do any other FDA regulated products.

Changes in the legal status of hemp and regulation are good news for investors in businesses involved with the hemp industry. The Hemp Industry Daily projects that the hemp-derived CBD retail market will reach up to $4.8 billion by 2022.


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Andy Huang

Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder / Director

As the CEO of Nerovana, Andy is a corporate venture development executive with an extensive background in marketing, brand creation, international trade financing and logistics and manufacturing outsourcing.

William Lin

Chief Strategy Officer, Co-Founder / Director

William brings years of corporate management and financial experience to the team. He helps companies arrange financing and prepare for successful exits, including IPOs in the U.S. and Canada and sets strategies for growth and partnerships.

George Pai

Chief Financial Officer / Director

With roots in KPMG, George is an experienced corporate leader guiding companies though corporate finance and compliance. He is the CFO for Nerovana.

Doug Thomas Ph.D.

Chief Scientist / Executive Vice President

Doug has 20+ years experience in the biopharmaceutical and topical drug industries in core research, formulation development and manufacturing. He is responsible for Nerovana's research and commercialization processes.

Jerry Chen

Chief Marketing Officer

Jerry’s background in digital marketing, SEO, and affiliate/incentive marketing. He is put to task to build Nerovana’s customer base and brand loyalty.

Nerovana’s management team is comprised of industry professionals with decades of experience across multiple verticals.


Dr. Szu Yuan Wu MD. Ph.D.
Radiation & Cancer Specialist,

Dr. March Hoang Ph.D.

Dr. Steven Zhang
Chinese Herbalist & Acupuncturist

Dr. Howard Hsu
Natural & Holistic Medical Science Development

John Seitz
Medical Affairs

Rex Lee
Agriculture Specialist 

Dr. Richard Lee
Medical Affairs

Howard Liao
Botanical Extraction Specialist

Eve Chen
Wellness Product Development


Kenneth Spiker Jr.
Local and State Compliance